Abdul Salam Nuhu (b.1994), mostly known by the pseudonym "Elroy Salam" is a Ghanaian visual artist and photographer whose work is a compelling mix of emotions and social commentary. In his artistic pursuits, he draws from autobiographical inspirations exploring themes such as mental health, spirituality, and identity.

Salam stumbled upon photography in 2015 and, being a self-taught artist, embraced it both as an escape and a medium to articulate his emotions, personify his thoughts, and give life to his imaginations. Battling social awkwardness and a tendency toward introversion, he uses photography not only to overcome his social barriers but also as a profound form of personal therapy.

Today, as a visual artist working with photography, Salam aims to save and improve lives by repetitively investigating human emotions, experiences and the environment. He chooses to engage with subjects through conceptual or allegorical compositions, as a means to personify his emotions and thoughts. This allows him to assert control over intrusive thoughts and fears, giving them a tangible form, and ultimately, making them relatable to others.

Through his practice he emphasizes on uniqueness and diversity, by appreciating the distinct qualities that make each person and their story special. He aims to break societal norms and challenge conventional perspectives, encouraging others to embrace their own individuality and celebrate the differences that make us all extraordinary.

In November 2022, Salam's work on the impact of climatechange on mental health was published by Global Citizen and featured on theVoice of America (VOA) Africa TV program Healthy Living.

His work has also been exhibited in groupshows both locally and internationally, and has also been featured onplatforms such as Vogue Portugal, Okay Africa, CNN Travel, among others.

exhibitions (group)

2021 Spritz on Canvas’ exhibition by Italian Business Association of Ghana- IBAG

2022 ‘Reflections of Identities’ exhibition by German Embassy, Ghana

2023 ‘Creative Hustle’ seminar & exhibition by African Photography Collective & British Council Ghana

2023 'Common Ground' group event, London

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